Graphic Design

Quality graphic design sets the tone of your business to your clients. I can create a visual language for your business that your customers will recognize. A businesses brand identity consistency is important so your company looks professional and whole. Your website, logo, business cards and social media profiles can be branded so that you have a coherent identity. This will make a memorable impression on prospective and existing customers alike.

Graphic Design Services I offer:

  • Logo Design
  • Social Media Branding
  • Business Card Design
  • PSD Website Mockup Creation
Graphic Design and Branding Identity Development

Logo Design

A great logo is  an essential part of your businesses branding identity. It can be the first thing a customer sees and can make a lasting impression to your prospective clients. A well crafted logo can set you apart from your competitors and establish your brand as a leader in your field.

I can design you a unique custom made logo for your business which will reinforce your brand. I will consider the various factors for the graphic design of your business logo, including typography, colour, style and feel of the logo. So that they are suited to your business and convey your message clearly.

Social Media Branding

A consistent brand identity should extend to your social media pages. Your brand message should shine through on the platforms . If your business is on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest I can furnish your page with custom branding to further cement your brand identity.

Customers will interpret your business as having a professional air if you get your social media site branding right. Standing out on social networks as a quality business on social networks is important. Good, consistent graphic design and branding can help your business shine.

Business Card Design

A well designed business card that ties in with your branding can make a memorable impression on a prospective client. If you are hoping to network to get new clients for your business, having a business card is a must. Talk to me today and we’ll see what we can do to get you set up.

PSD Mockup Design

Need a mockup of your Website or app? I can put together a user interface for your brand that can be converted to HTML5 easily and quickly.

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