Howard Roofing


Howard Roofing have been offering customers roofing services of  the highest standards for three generations, combining excellent workmanship with competitive pricing. They specialize in traditional flat roofing, pitched roof techniques, and new roof installations. Howard Roofing utilize new and salvaged tiles and natural slates were appropriate.

They also provide a roof replacement service, for those older properties or damaged roofs beyond repair. They strive hard to deliver high level of service and professionalism. The experienced team at Howard Roofing Contractors is dedicated to satisfy it’s customers and is constantly making innovation in their services to improve and maintain customer satisfaction.

Case Study

Jeff contacted us to help fix his existing site. The work required to be done was expansive, so it was better and cheaper to start again. We build a website akin to the traditional branding his Grandfather began many years ago. The website design matches the colour-scheme on existing marketing materials, and was developed using wireframe to mockup in Photoshop, then coded into Html5 before testing.

Conversion to WordPress was the last stage adding blog/content marketing capabilities for Howard Roofing Contractors.


Howard Roofing Ltd.


  • Design,
  • Website,
  • WordPress

        Tools used:

  • Photoshop,
  • Less,
  • CSS3
  • WordPress